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January Press Release for The Annual 420 Rally


Denver 420 Rally, Saturday April 19 10 am-5 pm & Sunday April 20 9am-6pm, 2014: Epic Historic Marijuana Revolution Celebration FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – The Largest 420 Rally in the World!

2013 was a historical year in Colorado and in the marijuana movement. It was the first year of legal marijuana and a step towards ending a failed Drug War. This year’s 420 Rally is going to give guests the marijuana experience of the future. It will be the largest ever, is approved by Mayor Hancock’s administration, and will be a celebration of the historical revolutionary steps towards ending marijuana prohibition. It will also be a rallying cry for the need to continue the battle for social justice for those most negatively impacted by the Drug War, who in spite of legalization, remain incarcerated or with criminal records, forever condemning them to a life of mediocrity while others grow rich.

The 420 Rally continues to support the repealing of all marijuana prohibition laws and fighting against those that are still unjust. The legalization effort in Colorado set up a regulatory scheme that was lobbied for, and supported by, the wealthy elite. Buying out politicians and rent-seeking behavior by self-interested lobbyists and business leaders has been obvious in the marijuana industry. Amendment 64, the taxes, and the regulatory structure continue to keep marginalized communities in economic slavery by favoring the wealthy. The 420 Rally is focused on unity and equal rights for all people and will continue to hold people accountable for sustaining economic injustice towards marginalized communities for self gain.

April 20, 2014 happens to fall on Easter Sunday and during Passover, representing resurrection and freedom. Passover honors the time when the Jews fled from slavery in Egypt, and the stories of Passover were used by African slaves in their songs for freedom. This year’s rally represents the continuing fight for freedom from economic slavery for marginalized members of our community and a rebirth of creative genius that will get us there. The Denver 420 Rally will also be acknowledging the medical patients and their caregivers who paved the way for marijuana legalization. Ken Gorman founded Rally in 1993, and this is his legacy. Ken was a friend to the urban folk. He preached about the social injustices of the drug war and that it was rooted in racism. If he were alive today, he would agree that we are still not free. There are people still in jail for non-violent marijuana offenses. There are still people being murdered over drugs. There are still people unable to get jobs because of criminal records. The 420 Rally is dedicated to continuing Ken’s legacy.

Following the tradition since the first permitted event in 2008, the rally will have speakers, musicians, and vendors to celebrate the marijuana culture, the community, and all of its achievements. This year we will be handing out awards to outstanding achievers and contributors to the community, most importantly to the organic and rooted activists who have been contributing to the movement since before 2008. Awards will also be given out to those that have made negative contributions by not being inclusive, for example the Most Politically Incorrect and Greedy Award (hint: initials are NA) and the Tio Taco Award (same initials), and the Uncle Tom award (initials are like a root beer). It will be fun and we hope to see you there!

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